Twelve years of twists and turns and we aren’t the same anymore.

Neither are you – neither is the internet. Not the way we shop, or how we express ourselves.

Not the way we look,
or like,
or lurk.

Over time, we’ve transformed. We created a community, and we showed up in style. We were right there alongside the first bona-fide, verified influencers.

But time has been pretty weird lately, too. We just saw the whole world slow down – saw it freeze completely – and suddenly we’re all looking towards the future, experimenting with what’s next.  

Nobody is telling us that we need to change. It’s just what happens when you’re authentic along the way.

It’s style in real time. And time changes everything.

Because right now, you’re not stuck in a certain time zone. You’re not doomed to this particular decade. You’re only limited by what’s at your fingertips – and everything is right here through the screen. You don’t need to start over – don’t delete anything. You can invent something new from what’s already there.

You can use where you’ve been to inspire where you’re going.

The tension between those different versions of yourself – that’s where things really get interesting.

AW23. Look back for something new. 

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