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Charms collection


These pieces were designed to get personal. Here’s how it’s done

1. Choose your chain

Bracelet or necklace, classic oval or snake chain. Perfect on their own or for layering up, with an adjustable clasp that’ll keep things cute AND comfy. 

2. Design your details

And don’t hold back. Mix and match pieces from every series of Charms and show the world your story, your way. 

3. Lock in your look

Every Charm comes lined with anti-slip silicone, so you can switch things up or start totally from scratch. They’ll always stay perfectly put.


You’re a kaleidoscope of details –constantly shifting but still always you. And that means there are no rules to telling your story. Go ahead, change your mind. Now change it again. There’s a unique combination of Charms to match every mood, moment, and milestone in life. For every possible you.